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Welcome to my official homepage, where I share my hobbies, interests and other bits with you. Check out my photo album, meet my sexy girlfriends and discover the real Binki Lee.

It's been great fun creating this site, giving me a chance to learn more about IT and spending more time on my number one passion, chatting on the net!

My site is also an escape for me, adding spark to an otherwise normal life, and hope it does the same for you. Whenever you're feeling down and you need to get it "up" just think of me, Binki Lee!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

X o X - Binki Lee

My Video Greeting
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About Me

I'm a 20 years young Aries, springing from an exotic mix of East meets West (Australian & Singaporean).

Hobbies: I love drawing the female form in medieval fantasy style. I also like making my own jewlery by recombining old jewelry pieces. Other passions include Media Arts involving camera work and editing and all types of motorsports, mainly motorcross and drag racing.


I'm not a big party girl, preferring to go to a concert than a club. I love the outdoors, camping, and more laid back kinda fun.

Turn Ons: I love being kissed all over my back and my hair played with. I like men who are sensitive, responsible, romantic, and have a good sense of humour.

Turns Off: Immaturity and drunken louts (someone who abuses alcohol or drugs to have a good time).

Exotic Saubine Kissing Me

Favourites: Performance Cars (GTR-XU1 Holden Tornana)

Food: Dim Sum, favourite dish being Char-Siew Pow dipped with chilli oil.

Music: Everything from EMINEM to Jennifer Lopez

Colour: Metallic Orchid Pink (Metallic Hot Pink Lavender)

Sex life: Ideally, my sex life would be most nights before bed and quickies during lunchbreaks. I love cute outfits, themes, and the chance someone's watching. I hate condoms! I want flesh against flesh.

Wet and Wild

Ambition: By the time I'm 35 I want be a Film or TV producer in the motorsport industry, be well known and age gracefully.

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